We are excited to premiere our Online Shorts Fest with Noel Douglas Orput's short film, FOREVER BEAUTIFUL.  Check out his film here.


Originally an actor, Noel Douglas Orput has been writing and directing for the past 8 years. He has directed six short films and is currently in preproduction for his seventh short, "Harmony". Other recent projects include an original comedy pilot, "Livin' the Dream", starring Sally Kirkland, "Tinder and Grinder", a comedy web series, and "Four Queens", a short film currently playing in festivals.

What drew you to wanting to tell this story? I wanted to tell a story about how technology has effected human relationships and the ways that we communicate.

What were some of the challenges in getting this film made and how did you
overcome them?
It was challenging creating the virtual world. I wanted the differences between the virtual world and reality to be very subtle. There's nothing worse than being hit over the head with something in a film. I worked a lot with my brilliant D.P., Ben Demaree, and together we found great visual solutions to creating the two worlds.

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