Road to Pyeongchang

Description: In this mockumentary snowboarder, Gabby Parker, is interviewed on her road to the next Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Running Time: 5:02
Director: Laura Adkin
Writer: Laura Adkin
Actors: Laura Adkin, Chantele Francis, Julie Boswell

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Bad Timing

Description: An adorably awkward IT guy finally gets a shot with the girl of his dreams - shortly after a zombie apocalypse.

Running Time: 19:56
Director: Brandon Ravet
Writer: Andy Goldenberg & Lauren Goldenberg
Actors: Andy Goldenberg Aqueela Zoll

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You & I

Description: Marriage is often a conventional step forward in the lives of adults, but Travis and Stephanie's union is particularly exceptional. Both born with Down syndrome, they are now navigating a unique set of obstacles in their married life and continue to prove that love transcends all barriers.

Running Time: 12:13
Director: Emma Zaiachkowski
Writer: Emma Zaiachkowski

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The Jackal

Description: Life and times of former Canadian Kickboxing Champion Ian "The Jackal" Jacklin.

Running Time: 11:37
Director: Joe Mitchell
Writer: Ian Jacklin
Actors: Ian Jacklin

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Yin Dragon

Description: Sam Mullins is a private detective in NYC. His code is simple: snoop for money, but never get directly involved. Following this rule has rewarded him with a simple life, that is, until he decides to figure out a little more about his girlfriend, Yin.

Running Time: 14.5 min
Director: Ben Chapins
Writer: Ben Chapins
Actors: Bruce Colbert, Hiroko Tanaka, George Ridgeway, Scott O'Leary, Salil Gulati, George Cook

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Solo, Piano - NYC

Description: Solo, Piano – NYC is a 5-minute film of the last 24 hours of a once-wanted piano.

Running Time: 5 minutes
Director: Anthony Sherin
Writer: Anthony Sherin

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Description: Why do "normal" people risk their lives to climb on frozen waterfalls each winter? "Ice" examines the emotions and motivations of recreational ice climbers, and shows why one amazing location in Colorado has become the epicenter of the ice climbing world.

Running Time: 9:30
Director: Barry Stevenson
Writer: Barry Stevenson

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Description: A man missing for two weeks is found with no explanation for the strange marks on his hand. Will an interview with a police psychologist uncover their true meaning?


Running Time: 4:12

Director: Bobby Willis

Writer:  Bobby Willis

Actors:  Bobby Willis, Christopher Boldon

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Dirty Bill of Health

 Description: A stranger on a road trip stops in for a random medical check up looking for everything but a clean bill of health.

Running Time: 13 minutes
Director: Rob Carpenter
Writer: Rob Carpenter
Actors: James Tyce (Almost Human, Supernatural, No Tell Motel), Casey Manderson (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Cinemanovels), Tirra Dent (Glass, Citizen Jane) Cynthia Potvin (Da Vinci's Inquest, The Hard Cut).

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Description: When Michael's girlfriend Eloise surprises him with a day out at the beach he is blissfully unaware that soon his life will begin to spiral out of control.

Running Time: 9:30
Director: Callie Lane
Writer: Callie Lane
Actors: Emma Rigby (the Red Queen in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), Stefan d'Bart

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John's Farm

Description: When an anxious parent brings his son to John's Farm for an epic, 'free-range' playdate, he must decide whether or not to violate the farm's strict social contract to rescue his son from a potential threat.

Running Time: 12 min
Director: Melissa Sweazy
Writer: Melissa Sweazy
Actors: Billie Worley, Drew Smith, Caleb Sweazy

Click here for interview with Melissa.

We're Having Sex

Description: In an effort to save their sex-starved relationship, David and Kate decide to raise the stakes: have sex that night or break up.

Running Time: 13:20
Director: Michael Callahan
Writer: Michael Callahan
Actors: Hannah Pearl Utt,  Brandon Bales

Click here for the interview with Michael Callahan.

Caught in Paint

Description: The artistic documentary captures the essence of an all day collaboration between choreographer David Parsons, the Parsons Dance Company, photographer Lois Greenfield and painter Rita Blitt. Creative sparks defy gravity!

Running Time: 5:54
Director: Rita Blitt
Writer: Rita Blitt

Click here for interview with Rita Blitt.

Caught in Nature with J.S. Bach

Description: Paintings and sculptures by artist Rita Blitt are viewed in a natural setting accompanied by the music of friend and internationally acclaimed cellist, Yehuda Hanani. Elegant sounds of the cello are heard while a bright red sculpture whimsically romps with other Blitt art in scenic Colorado. 

Running Time: 8:16
Director: Rita Blitt
Writer: Rita Blitt


Description: Morris Gammons is a good, hard working man who loves his wife and new baby. All he has to do is turn in 'the numbers' to his boss but in today's inescapable technology age, he can't find a moments peace, which drives him over the edge.

Running Time: 12:01
Director: Carrie Lynn Certa
Writer: Steven Karageanes
Actors: Rick Steadman, Brian Dare, Bethy Poluikis

Click here for interview with director, Carrie Lynn Certa.

A Senior Moment

Description: Three elderly women living in a retirement home fumble with modern technology while trying to land a date.

Running Time: 5:38
Director: Michelle Davidson
Writer: Michelle Davidson
Actors: Joicie Appell, Kip Niven, Jeannie Hutchings and Carol Leighton

Click here for interview with director, Michelle Davidson.


Description: Paul wakes up to find himself in a field, but doesn't remember how he got there, or why. After retracing his footsteps, Paul discovers clues that help him recall the night before and the heist that went horribly wrong.

Running Time: 13:40
Director: G.R. Kennedy
Writer: G.R. Kennedy
Actors: Nathaniel Grauwelman, Jeremy Greenwell, Kristine Sheltrown

Click here for interview with director, Gregory R. Kennedy.

Forever Beautiful

Description: A man and woman meet in an art gallery and have an instant attraction. Will they have the courage to pursue each other?

Running Time: 6:30
Director: Noel Douglas Orput
Writer: Noel Douglas Orput
Actors: Noel Douglas Orput Rebecca O'Campo Marcus Choi Jennifer Kumiyama Adam Rotenberg

Click here for interview with director, Noel Douglas Orput.