Raise Money For Your Next Film -  Accept Tax-Deductible Donations

The Colorado Film Institute Fiscal Sponsorship (The Colorado Film Institute acts as a nonprofit umbrella to help you raise funds for your film or video project) offers independent filmmakers based anywhere in the U.S. the opportunity to raise funds for their film or video project through our nonprofit organization, thereby allowing the filmmaker to accept donated, tax-deductible funds for their film project in the form of donations.

A great selling point of nonprofit investment in independent filmmaking is that the donors’ return on investment is guaranteed. Moreover, the tax deduction occurs at the time of the donation, so the return is immediate and without risk
— Jon Garon, Entertainment Lawyer

Fiscal sponsorship with the Colorado Film Institute enables filmmakers the opportunity to have donors give tax-deductible funds to a film or video project, and the donated funds are channeled through the Colorado Film Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2004. Through this method, filmmakers can offer 100% tax-deductible donations to patrons. Filmmakers can also use this funding method on crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as long as the funds are donated directly to the Colorado Film Institute, acting as the fiscal agent for the project. All rights, title, and interest to the project belong to the filmmaker, the Colorado Film Institute is only serving as a fiscal umbrella for the project.

How it works

Donors and foundations give directly to the Colorado Film Institute, indicating that the funds are in support of your project. The Colorado Film Institute takes a 6% fiscal agent fee and writes a check to you for the balance of the funds and the donor or granting organization gets a tax write-off. Funds are accounted for at the end of each month and if you've received any donations for your project, you receive a check from the Colorado Film Institute. At the end of the year, the Colorado Film Institute sends you a 1099 form. The Colorado Film Institute was formed in 2004 to foster and support independent filmmakers, and fiscal sponsorship is one way in which we are able to offer support to the independent filmmaking community.



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