Sunday Film Changes

Sunday Film Changes

Audience Award winner, YEAR BY THE SEA will only screen one time today at Cinebistro at 2:30pm. The 3pm screening of Audience Award winner at Cascade 1 will now by Shorts Showcase 3.


Best Feature Film winner, THE RAINBOW KID will only screen one time today at Cascade 2 @ 8pm. The 5:30pm screening of Best Feature winner at Cascade 1 will now be Shorts 1.

Youth - Final film in VFF Winter Screening Series

Youth - Final film in VFF Winter Screening Series

Come catch the final film in our Winter Screening Series before the 13th Annual Film Festival kicks off on April 7th. (have you bought your passes yet?)

Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel

Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel


A retired orchestra conductor is on holiday with his daughter and his film director best friend in the Alps when he receives an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to perform for Prince Philip's birthday.

This film is Rated R.  Anyone 17 and under in age, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Director/Writer: Paolo Sorrentino

Starring: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz

The screening will be at Cinebistro at Solaris on Saturday, March 26th at noon. It will be general seating.

Barista - Next Film in Winter Screening Line-up

Barista - Next Film in Winter Screening Line-up

The next film in our Winter Screening Series line-up is the 2015 documentary, Barista. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 86%, this film is a fun ride that follows five top baristas as they push the limits of coffee perfection to win the National Barista Championship - a surreal competition where even one mistake is far too many.

The screening will be at Cinebistro at Solaris on Saturday, March 19th at noon. It will be general seating and you can buy your tickets here.

The Running Time is 1 hour 43 minutes.

Director: Rock Baijnauth

2015 Film Program Announced!

2015 Film Program Announced!

Vail Film Festival Announces 2015 Film Program



Feature Films:


  • A Dark Reflection, directed by Tristan Loraine
  • Cut Bank, directed by Matt Shakman
  • Lucky Stiff, directed by Christopher Ashley
  • Manhattan Romance, directed by Tom O’Brien
  • Overheard 3, directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong
  • Rigor Mortis, directed by Juno Mak
  • Slow West, directed by John Maclean
  • That Demon Within, directed by Dante Lam
  • The Grand Seduction, directed by Don McKellar
  • The Great Victory, directed by Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra
  • The Sentimentalists, directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
  • Time Lapse, directed by Bradley King



  • Becoming Bulletproof, directed by Michael Barnett
  • Break Kids, directed by Emily Kassie
  • Broken City Poets, directed by Ariane Wu
  • By Blood, directed by Marcos Barbery and Sam Russell
  • #ChicagoGirl – The Social Network Takes On A Director, directed by Joe Piscatella
  • From Trauma To Peace, directed by Robert C. Stone, Diana Gross and Jo Danieli
  • I Married My Family’s Killer, directed by Emily Kassie
  • I Will Dance, directed by Joseph East
  • My Voice, My Life, directed by Ruby Lang
  • Nerdgasm, directed by Andrew Putschoegl
  • Queen Mimi, directed by Yaniv Rokah


Environmental Showcase:

  • A Bottle’s Odyssey, directed by Nik Kleverov
  • A Wolf’s Place, directed by Annie White
  • Keeper’s Of The Beat, directed by Donald O’Brien
  • Mexico Pelagcio, directed by Jeronimo Prieto
  • Net Positivia, directed by Peter Cambor and Ian McGe
  • The Fire Line: Wildfire In Colorado, directed by Meghan Lyden


Adventure Film Showcase:

  • Lindsay Vonn: The Climb, directed by Steve Trout and NFL Films
  • Snow Day, directed by Erica Milsom
  • The Unrideables: Alaska Range, directed by Derek Westerlund



  • Awkward Expressions Of Love, directed by Trilby Glover
  • B-flat, directed by Mariana Youssef
  • Bodies In Irreversible Detriment, directed by Ben Lazarus
  • D.Asian, directed by Sarah Smith
  • Dead Hearts, directed by Stephen W. Martin
  • EFFED!, directed by Renny Maslow
  • Everything (You Say) I Am, directed by Guillermo Florence
  • Extreme Pinocchio, directed by Pascal Chind
  • Fruitcake, directed by Seth M. Sherwood and Sarah Baker Grillo
  • Goldfish, directed by Elise de Blois
  • Insomniacs, directed by Charles Chintzer Lai
  • Intersection, directed by Brendan Beachman
  • Junked, directed by Gus Berger
  • Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector, directed by Chandler Kauffman
  • Ladybug, directed by Roman Dent
  • Lucy, directed by Zoe Lubeck
  • Martian American, directed by Lee Citron
  • Not Anymore: A Story Of Revolution, directed by Matthew VanDyke
  • Oh Lucy!, directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi
  • Out To Lunch, directed by Nic Reader
  • Picnic, directed by Kim Gualino
  • reConception, directed by Joe Petrilla
  • Secret, directed by Tony Fulgham
  • The Blood Of Love, directed by Jeff Meyers
  • The Stomach, directed by Ben Steiner
  • Vocabulary, directed by Sam Baixauli
  • While You Were In A Coma, directed by Jean Paul Labbe
  • You Have A Problem, directed by Lena Tsodykovskaya


Student Films:

  • Carry On, directed by Yatao Li
  • Full-Windsor, directed by Faraday Okoro
  • Knives, directed by Aaron David DeFazio
  • Minimum Max, directed by Joshua Ovalle
  • Scumbag, directed by Luke Spears
  • Theme Song Rebel, directed by Luke Patton
  • Unspoken, directed by Eric Otten


Family Films:

  • Dogonauts: Behind Enemy Lines, directed by Justin and Shel Rasch
  • Hannah Lost Her Smile, directed by Dani Bowman
  • I Need My Monster, directed by Stephen Baker and Howard Cook
  • The Adventures Of Barty And The Pirate, directed by Mark Chavez
  • The Magic Ferret, directed by Alison Parker
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers' Through the Woods: An Appalachian Adventure, directed by Joe Mailander, Justin Lansing and Jed Anderson